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This challenge coincides with Independent Living Across Canada Day (June 6th).  An inclusive Canada is one where all Canadians can participate and have an equal opportunity to succeed.  We’ve made great strides in promoting inclusion for Canadians with disabilities, but there is still much more work to do. We must work together to continue our march towards an Accessible Canada.

  • CHALLENGE:  Any form of exercise – walk, run, exercise bike, horseback riding, ATV’g, ROM exercises, yoga, weight lifting etc. – Any type of movement counts!

  • TIME FRAMEMay 13 – June 6, 2022

  • RISE’s GOAL:  8030 km (just under 5000 miles) - that's the distance, coast-to-coast, across Canada via the Trans-Canada Highway.  Let’s see if we can aim for this!!!

  • TO MEASURE YOUR GOAL:  15 min = 1 km

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