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AAC – Augmentative and Alternative Communication

ABI – Acquired Brain Injury

ACAC – Attendant Consumer Action Coalition

ADP – Assistive Device Program

AGM – Annual General Meeting

ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

AO – Attendant Outreach

AODA – Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

ARCH – A Legal Resource for People with Disabilities (formerly the Advocacy Resource Center for the Handicapped)

ARF – Addiction Resource Foundation

ASL – American Sign Language

CAF – Canadian Abilities Foundation

IL Canada – Independent Living Canada

CAMH – Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

CAR – Consumer Attendant Roster

CCAC – Community Care Access Centre

CRA – Canada Revenue Agency

CCD – Council of Canadians with Disabilities (formerly COPOH)

CDAC – Communication Disabilities Access Canada

CHS – Canadian Hearing Society

CILT – Centre for Independent Living in Toronto

CNIB – Canadian National Institute for the Blind

CP – Cerebral Palsy

CPA – Canadian Paraplegic Association

CPP – Canada Pension Plan

CPP-D – Canadian Pension Plan Disability Benefit Program

CPSO –College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

CRA – Canada Revenue Agency (formerly CCRA)

CTA – Canadian Transportation Agency

CWD-O – Citizens with Disabilities – Ontario

DAWN – DisAbled Women’s Network

DF – Direct Funding

DFP – Direct Funding Program

DPI – Disabled Persons International

EI – Employment Insurance

ERDCO – Ethno-Racial People with Disabilities Coalition Ontario

ESA – Employment Standards Act

EWA – Education Wife Assault

HRSDC  –Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

GoC – Government of Canada

IL – Independent Living

ILC – Independent Living Centre, same as ILRC

ILRC – Independent Living Resource Centre, same as ILC

ILSP – Independent Living Service Providers

ILST – Independent Living Skills Trainer

LHIN – Local Health Integration Network

I&R – Information and Referral

LTD – Long-Term Disability insurance

MD – Muscular Dystrophy

MERCs – Mandatory Employment Related Costs

MOD – March of Dimes

MOHLTC – Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

MS – Multiple Sclerosis

NEADS – National Educational Association of Disabled Students

OA – Osteoarthritis

OAS – Old Age Security

ODA – Ontarians with Disabilities Act (see above AODA)

ODI – Office of Disability Issues (in Social Development Canada)

ODSP – Ontario Disability Support Program

OHIP – Ontario Health Insurance Plan

OI – Osteogenesis Imperfecta

OFCP – Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy

OHA – Ontario Hospital Association

OHRC – Ontario Human Rights Commission

OMA – Ontario Medical Association

OMOD – Ontario March of Dimes

ONILC – Ontario Network of Independent Living Centres

OW – Ontario Works

PDN – Parenting with a Disability Network

PHIPA – Personal Health Information Protection Act

PLCPPD – Provincial Liaison Committee for Persons with Physical Disabilities

PSW – Personal Support Worker

PWD – Person with a Disability

SCI – Spinal Cord Injury

SDC – Social Development Canada

SDPP – Social Development Partnership Program (from the Office of Disability Issues)

SDPP-D- Social Development Partnership Program-Disability Component

STDs – Sexually Transmitted Diseases

SHU – Supportive Housing Unit (formerly SSLU)

SM – Self Manager (on the Direct Funding Program in Ontario)

SMR – Self-Manager’s Report

SMRR – Self-Manager’s Report Review

SSLU – Support Service Living Unit

TTY/TDD – Teletypewriter/Telephone Device for the Deaf

UD – Universal Design

UTI – Urinary Tract Infection

UW – United Way of Simcoe Muskoka

UW – United Way Centraide North East Ontario

VON – Victorian Order of Nurses

WSIB – Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

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