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The Independent Living Movement, its principles and even the lives of persons with a disability in general, are poorly understood by the non-disabled public. However, there is now a significant body of useful and insightful writing on Independent Living, disability rights, disability culture and so on.


There are many articles that tackle the perplexing situations we encounter daily. Why are our lives and our attitudes towards our disability simply incomprehensible to the general public? Why do people think we live a life of personal tragedy? How do academics understand the Independent Living movement and philosophy?


This site is intended as a place for those outstanding articles that shed light on the dilemma of being disabled in an able-bodied world.


RISE staff and the Board hope you enjoy browsing through our newsletters, publications and disability-positive library.


Hopefully, these publications and articles will enable all of us to better articulate and clarify the way we feel and the way we see the world.

Strengthen our community.

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