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Disability News

Bill C-22:  Canada Disability Benefit


The Canada Disability Benefit (CDB) has the potential to transform the lives of working-age persons with disabilities.  Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion, announced that Bill C-22, the ground-breaking legislation for a new Canada Disability Benefit, passed third reading and was unanimously adopted in the House of Commons.  Bill C-22 will now move to the Senate for consideration.


Quick Facts

  • According to the most recent Canadian Survey on Disability (2017), nearly 917,000 (23%) working-age Canadians with disabilities live in poverty.  Persons with severe disabilities (28%) and very severe disabilities (34%) are particularly vulnerable and experience a high rate of poverty.

  • The same survey found that Canadians with disabilities – including women, men, LGBTQ2 people, racialized people and Indigenous people – are more likely to be financially insecure than other Canadians:


- 25% of Canadians with disabilities spend more than 30% of their total income on shelter costs,

- 59% of Canadians with disabilities aged 25 to 64 have gainful employment, compared to 80% of Canadians without disabilities, and

- Canadians with disabilities aged 25 to 64 earn less than Canadians without disabilities (12% less for Canadians with milder disabilities and 51% less for Canadians with  more severe disabilities).


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Feb 2, 2023

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities  

The Making of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities:  Professor Micheal Stein, Executive Director, Harvard Law, Project on Disability, Harvard University, USA

Watch the YouTube video here.

How COVID-19 Affects People With Disabilities


“Implying that somehow our lives are less than. That we don't count. That it's okay. And it's not. This was all preventable.” As the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the U.S., the disability community has been hit especially hard.

Watch the youtube video here.



The Deadly Danger of Ableism in Health Care During a Pandemic


Biased assumptions about living with disability could impact access to life-saving care.  

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Feb 06, 2021



People with Disabilities Should Move to the Front of the Line for Vaccines

Ableism in healthcare makes it more urgent for people disabilities to receive COVID-19 vaccines.


Listen to Preston’s interview (White Coat Black Art) with CBC which aired February 6, 2021



Ontario Community Support Program Extended until 2022

This Will Ensure Seniors and People with Disabilities Have Access to Food and Medicine During COVID-19

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February 1, 2021

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