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Bon Voyage Tabitha Stapleton!


All your dreams have finally come true! 


Moving to Nova Scotia was all you could think about this past year.  You ran into a few roadblocks before you even left the province but now you are settled into your new home, and its time to enjoy your life

and make new memories. 


We wish you all the best for a bright, and successful future! 


Thank you for everything you have done over the years - you are going to be deeply missed.

(March 2021)

Darrell Smith.jpg



Darrell, you have earned your long-awaited retirement and we are overjoyed that you have chosen to finally take the time you rightfully deserve! We are so happy for you!


We appreciate your devotion to RISE, the independent living

movement, and the many years of growing, nurturing, and developing the Centre to what it is today.  We could not have achieved this without you and your insight.  


Thank you for your paramount dedication throughout the years as Executive Director, Direct Funding Program Coordinator, and a member of the Board of Directors. 


As you move on into the next amazing chapter of your life, know that

you will be missed, know that our very best wishes and thoughts go with you, and know that we will never forget your professional expertise, mentorship, and your friendship.


Our best wishes go with you!

(June 2020)

Happy Retirement Darrell Smith!

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