Celebrating 150 Stories - Stuart K.

"My wife and I live in our own home, on the outskirts of North Bay, Ontario. I am retired, aged 67 and I have been an active quadriplegic since 1979. Recently, I had to give up driving due to partial vision loss.

When we first heard of the Direct Funding Program that is available in Parry Sound, we were cautiously optimistic about its suitability. Since starting the program in the fall of 2016, I realized the first benefit was a small team of people to interface with. We have three people that we chose that were directly suited to my needs. The prime attributes we sought were people with positive attitudes, a willingness to learn & the ability to take direction.

We find we have strong relationship with staff who are dedicated to my needs. We’re adaptable to each other’s timing needs, changes and we are in control of our lives. Even my recent inability to drive has been offset by attendant care help, allowing me to stay involved in community services, volunteer work, personal care needs and shopping.

Generally, I have many hours of service from people attuned to my needs for a broad scope of attendant work. As well, all of this allows my wife more time for herself than before and will prolong our ability to maintain independent living.

In terms of public service delivery, the Direct Funding Program is an excellent example of an efficient use of public funds. It reduces overhead administration and staff training. It should be an example to follow regarding services for delivery and efficiency”.

Stuart K.


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